So if You Still Need Booster Shots After Being Fully Vaxxed……..

So if You Still Need Booster Shots After Being Fully Vaxxed……..

By Kylie Bartlett

So if you still need booster shots after being fully vaxxed, continual testing after being fully vaxxed, hospitalisation after being fully vaxxed, masks, social distancing, quarantines, check ins and lockdowns, all after being fully vaxxed, then it’s time to admit you’ve been fully conned!

Here’s what others had to say:

Scott Gregory
Honestly there are a lot of absolute dumb mf out there especially on social media. “Trust the science” how? Even if science was not based on probability the clinical trials are still happening. So what science are these geniuses referring too. Oh you have had all the other vaccines, yes but a 4th grader could tell you these are completely different and the science is still being done. Ffs.

Simon Dundas-Smith
So true, and yet so hard for most to come to terms with… so they defend the narrative to death!

Geoff McKercher
Why are people so so dumb, it’s not hard to work it out

Because they are extremely scared of the covid. But actually they don’t know, never see what the covid looks like

Robyn Fiona
Romeo George’s Instagram Telegram tomorrow evening do not miss his interview with two indigenous brothers who hold the keys to end this.

Cheryl Medway
Totally agree. Only have to look at what’s happening overseas. Most of the c***d hospitalised people are double vax**. The numbers are staggering. But they won’t admit it’s not working. Unvaccinated people are ok

James Nakis
Mate that’s commonsense I think.

Gary Miller
Especially when treatment with Ivermectin resolves 99% of any illness along with small uses used to prevent new infections.
Along with some increased knowledge on prevention with building stronger immune systems via nutrition and changing some behaviors.

Dana Dee
And you have to admit that you have been conned and pimped out by the government to becoming a subscriber and a permanent drug user of Big Pharma.

Emma Kay
Certainly if one goes back to the early days of this global pandemic when it was made clear that the survival rate was more than 99%. To my knowledge that figure has not been revised, but people stay well clear of pointing this out! Keep it simple and one should understand just how blindsided the global population has been through manipulation and fear tactics… The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing, peeps… just check it ou!

Jennifer Schultz
Spot on… big pharma is rubbing their hands together while they watch all the cash roll in. It’s seems ironic that the more ineffective their product, the more money they make.

Jay Davz
Conned for what purpose? I mean that whole paragraph is logical but what is the con? What is the actual purpose of this? And please don’t reply with “do your research” etc.
I hate our reaction to covid but it is what it is now, I don’t need the vaccine but I got it so the numbers went up and we got out of lockdown, but I just can’t see what the big con is here.

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