Spiro With Dr. Young; Smoking Gun Parasites Discovered in COV19 Vazzines

Spiro With Dr. Young; Smoking Gun Parasites Discovered in COV19 Vazzines

By The Resistance 1776

Here’s what others had to say:

You cannot get nanos out by exercise or peeing. He is full of it.

I watched something about 5g a few years ago and it was saying it needed to put a receiver/transmitter every couple of hundred meters for it to work. I thought that it was a lot to roll out. Maybe these vaccines containing graphene oxide are a cheaper and easier alternative to having millions of physical hardware small cells that would also need maintenance.

Our govt murders people every day and I find it very worrisome you would even suggest that they would stop bad people from doing bad things. They would turn them loose on the rest of us and make popcorn. You do not seem to realize that those running things are all Satanists. Your naivety is appalling.

I have been feeling the radiation and frequency in my body and i can tell you is not funny is really dangerous the parasites have lost their minds they’re totally sycopaths how can i avoid this is in my body i don’t like how i feel i remember DJ DONNA signed for the 5G COVFEFE THIS IS WHAT IS KILLING US THE MAJORITY CAN’T SEE IT THEY’RE ALREADY USING IT Covfefe is an alloy creating a magnetic material which will facilitatemany technological balancesfor our future including space travel.. TESLA actually proved that you can neutralize scalar energy (Scalar field theory.) Nikola Tesla actually demonstrated the existence of this energy. He worked to harness this energy without the need for wires. BY THE WAY THE SKY THE FAKES CLOUDS LOOK SO TERRIBLE

If you think you can ever get any govt to do an independent study on these shots, you too need a reality check. They know exactly what is in them as that is the point but never will they admit this.

5th generation networking pushing so much radiation so as part of their plan to take over the entire world and poison us with that shit shot is a cover up of all that will die just from the radiation caused by 5g networking pushing through our airways. Sickening.

Original Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4TidcIBZT8DW/

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