Stop the IHR Now. Powerful Action Made Easy by Dr. Mark Trozzi

Stop the IHR Now. Powerful Action Made Easy by Dr. Mark Trozzi

Stop the IHR now. Powerful action made easy

Here is our best tool to urgently stop the most imminent threat against us: the proposed IHR amendments which are the WHO and WHA’s back door to permanent global dictatorship.

Many of us have been studying the US proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.

WHO (World Health Organization) logo vector free download | World ...The WHO and WHA were hoping to quietly pass these amendments while humanity was sleeping. These amendments are one of the WHO and WHA’s back door methods to clinch dictatorial control over all people of all nations, and create a supranational global government that supersedes our democratic sovereign authority over our own countries and lives.

What can we do about it on such short notice? They plan to sign this in their World Health Agency meeting in less than two weeks from May 22-28 in Geneva.

Just as young Arthur drew the sword from the rock, and all were surprised that this young lad was the champion they were waiting for; so too, Interest of Justice, a small human rights and legal activism group, has taken the effective lead on action to stop the tyrannical IHR amendment scheme. Let’s join the Interest of Justice now, and be big together.

The WHA is ignoring due process, and violating many laws if they pass this thing.  Interest of Justice has done the hard work so we can all take the coordinated big action needed, quickly and easily. Not only are we insisting on due process, and justification for the amendments, we are also laying the ground work to sue the WHA and those participating with them if they do pass this. As well, we are underlining in bold red ink that the amendments are illegitimate, null and void; they were done without due process and a midst strong public outcry demanding transparency, justification, and details.

Xavier Becerra - The New York Times
Xavier Becerra

With one click, your petition will reach many perpetrators of this wicked scheme including Tedros and others at the WHO and WHA, as well as US agents including Mr. Xavier Beccera who authored this treasonous document. Shutting this thing down within the US means stopping it at its source.

I can not over emphasize how important this particular mass action is. Please take a few minutes now to complete it.

Big thanks and support to legal action champions: Interest of Justice, an organization I have also now joined, and will help support.



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