The C0VID-19 Public Health Response (Vaxxinations) Order 2021


The C0VID-19 Public Health Response (Vaxxinations) Order 2021

By Australian National Review

URGENT INFO PLEASE SHARE – FFNEWS 9AM Broadcast tomorrow Addressing this important information.
A Re-share of a quick summary of the C-19 Public Health Response Act.
As I warned If you thought we were in for a nice summer holiday – think again.

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 passed its 2nd reading Wednesday night in NZ. (it was passed early in the morning)
ZERO rights for an unvaccinated person. Read this again!!

This legislation will allow for:
1. The lockdown of unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated individuals.
2. The ability to restrict travel within the country to unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated (e.g. a person who does not want to get a booster shot).
3. Withhold certification from those who do not get required boosters or subsequent combinations of vaccines as may be ordered at any time.
4. The ability to dictate the type and form of certification required for proof of vaccination status — digital or otherwise.
5. The ability to dictate what other information may be required for the renewal of vaccine certificates, and which information may be contained on such a certificate.
6. The period for which a vaccine certificate is valid can be changed at any time, and who it is that may be entitled or eligible to have these certificates.
7. The specification of mandates for entire job sectors.
8. The ordering of certain jobs to require regular mandatory testing and medical examination.
9. Enforcement officers to be able to demand certification, pretty much at any time.
10. The appointment of enforcement officers that can be anybody they wish to appoint, and not necessarily police.
11. Enforcement officers to inspect and take copies of certification to be verified at a later date, before immediately returning such documentation.
12. The provision of an assessment tool for employers to use to determine who should be vaccine mandated, however employers can totally disregard the assessment tool and mandate at whim.
13. Legal or other representatives of employees may be refused entry to workplaces.
14. Contact tracing information may be used against a person in order to enforce the Act.
15. Employees who have been dismissed for non-compliance of testing or vaccination, but comply at the last minute, may still be dismissed if the employer deems revoking the dismissal to be disruptive of their business.

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