The C0VID Narrative Is Mass Hypnosis


The C0VID Narrative Is Mass Hypnosis

By Jerm Warfare

Mattias Desmet is a professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He focuses on mass crowd formation, totalitarianism, mass hypnosis, and indoctrination.

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When you stop, clear your mind and take an honest open look around…This is the lamest pandemic in human history. No piles of bodies, blood running from eye sockets, organs turning to mush and seeping out your rectum…none of the classics that make a decent pandemic…

“A distorted image of the reality behind it” Classic!
We are in the Matrix

Excellent interview! Thanks Jerm for finding Prof. Mattias, now back the drawing board. How to unify the sceptical 30% to then bring on board the 40%…

Jeremy, this is stunning. I’ve listened to it three times, and keep discovering new things. His language is packed full of precise meaning and is very accurately stated. (The mark of the right kind of academic in my opinion.) Did the professor happen to opine to you whether he thinks this is a deliberate attempt to gain control of us or just kind of an organic occurrence?

Dude, it literally is the Jews. Like 75% of Biden’s high profile appointees are Jewish. Hollywood was founded by Jews. All the creepy tranny stuff, prostitution, media and communism in Germany in the 30’s was operated by Jews. It is Every. Single. Time. They aren’t a “scapegoat” when they’re actually behind the evil.

Excellent analysis. Spot on describing this madness.

Clear, interesting point of view and opinions, need to see more of that bright man.
Also worth noticing, how pleasant it is to have a psychologist not quoting Freud every sentence.

Love the intro! I been goofing around spending time in 2A love!!! Watching Black Rifle Coffee Company and Classic Firearms videos…and visited a couple 2A stores and did some drooling and eye shopping. Good times!

Excellent analysis, many thanks for monducting this interview to Jerm and of course to mr Desmet aswell

Fantastic interview. Difficult to stop the train; I watch normally perfectly rational people around me genuflecting to the hand sanitiser and pulling their muzzles up over their noses and can’t help wondering how on earth we’re ever going to shake some sense into their numbskulls.

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