The Kalergi Plan for White Genocide

The Kalergi Plan for White Genocide

By CNBS News

This is a leaked letter from the puppet masters of this whole circus to the governments of the world explaining the next steps in the New World Order rollout and their fears on how easily the public can stop them dated June 2021

Quite simply….by not complying with the narrative.

It is very important that everyone research the names of the companies mentioned especially SERCO who own and run the Victorian Police and Shane Patton’s Chief Commissioner of Police (CCP) who is friends with the CEO.
Also the majority shareholders of SERCO are Vanguard and Blackrock who are owned and invested in by Soros, Gates, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and the politicians.

SERCO’s head office is in Melbourne, Australia and is run by the Spencer Royal Family and maintain all the prisons, transport, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, surveillance, and almost everything on the planet.

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