The Pandemic Preparedness Plan and Those Famous 100 Days

The Pandemic Preparedness Plan and Those Famous 100 Days

By Human Resistance Alliance

The Pandemic preparedness Plan and those famous 100 days.

Translation: 100 days to lock you down Shanghai style, push the universal Bioweapon in your arm and enforce their Tyrannical surveillance state under the new WHO power grab to create their digital Gulag with CBDC and social credit system…… According to the Kali Yuga and astrological influences they’ve got until 2025 to make that happen

It’s very important for the next few years to sabotage and slow their plans by any means possible. We cannot afford to waste two more years doing nothing, being distracted and letargic waiting for a saviour or trusting some plan. It’s our Obligation and our Mission to stop them……if we don’t, our kids won’t forgive us.

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