Top Doctor Says Higher-Ups Were Given Fake Vaxxine Cards


Top Doctor Says Higher-Ups Were Given Fake Vaxxine Cards

By Thomas Lambert

Former White House COVID adviser and assistant professor at McMaster University Dr. Paul Alexander says several top officials, including senior doctors and CEOs, were issued fake vaccine cards after refusing mRNA vaccines.

As Alexander writes in a substack article, “[Senior doctors and CEOs in US hospitals] were offered vaccine cards (fake) when they told their hospitals that they [did] not want the vaccine when they were mandated to take it, and the hospital leaders [said] they will not be suspended or fired… How come? Is it due to the lack of safety that these people know about?”

He continues, saying that this is extremely troubling and that senior officials were considered “too valuable to the hospital” to lose, hence the shady fake vaccine cards and mandate dodging.

He further states that he and a group of people are working with doctors who want to come forward and that he understands they may be jeopardizing their careers in doing so.

“I just reached out to let them know a major media outlet will come to the meeting to see if they will allow this. We are to meet in person shortly,” Alexander writes.

Alexander has been one of the foremost critics of the government’s response to COVID, advocating for natural immunity long before other ‘experts’ allowed even the possibility to be brought to the table.

“There is no other way, we need to establish herd [immunity], and it only comes about [by] allowing the non-high-risk groups [to] expose themselves to the virus. PERIOD,” he wrote in 2020. He then stated that young people have “zero to little risk” and shouldn’t fear infection, being an extremely low risk and thus an optimal catalyst for establishing herd immunity in the wider population.

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