Townsville Car Rally Against Vaxxine Mandates


Townsville Car Rally Against Vaxxine Mandates

By Australia One Party

Townsville, over the weekend, put a car rally on.

Here’s what others had to say:

Yevette Mudgway
This is bloody great. Thankyou to the organisers of all our amazing rallies. Free Australis

Quinton Snyman
Love it. Well Done everyone! Do not comply! It ends here and rise in numbers you got this!! Massive support from NZ!!

Deb MacKenzie
God I Love OUR Beautiful Freedom Fighters ,PROUD TO BE AUSTRALIAN ,thankyou to each and every one of you.

Rob Walker
Australians having a real vote , not faultly counting, the votes in street, parks, cities and country all together with indigenous, The government is lying and corrupt taking tax money. STAND UP AUSTRALIA. Sack the corrupt politicians.

Rick Bushell
Goooooo Townsville! Full support from us here in the Manning area. Whooop Whooop

Tanya Pearce
Good on them. How many were at the Sydney one? Does anyone know?
I challenged a group of vaxers on Twitter. They all came after me with their responses. What shut them up was when I said a virus so deadly that you’re government is exempt from taking it? None of them responded after that. In fact the head of the packed called me a troll and said his reported me. So I kept persisting that they answer that question? Not one did.

Claudette Cooper
We should be taking her so called freedoms away, she should be ashamed of herself, the whole Labor moment is a disgrace, she is the only virus in Queensland

Andrew McKenzie
Yet her government got elected back in last year when this all started, clearly not enough Queenslanders could see the writing on the wall when all us “conspiracy theorists” could.

Karin Van Graan
Omni***con was only “discovered” less than 2 weeks ago, and somehow they have miraculously done a review to determine that the boos**ter will be effective on this new var**iant. Please ask yourself who is benefitting from this? The public – definitely no. The big ph**arma – hell yes! The gov – 1 trillion percent getting ki*ck-ba*cks left, right and centre. Read that again, and let that sink in.

Stephen Nolan
Please consider that you can be pro-vaccine and still acknowledge that these mandates are a real problem!!
Food for thought, since when was freedom a “reward”?
Is freedom an inalienable right or is it a “reward” given by governments to compliant people?
Listening to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday, one could be forgiven for thinking human rights were hers to give, and hers to take away.
The Premier, speaking in Brisbane, described the easing of restrictions on movement and association from December 17 as a “reward” for jabbed people.
“People who are vaccinated have absolutely stepped up and done the right thing and you deserve to keep your freedoms,” she said, straight-faced.
Wait. What?
These freedoms – that Queenslanders may or may not “deserve” – included the ability to go to the pub, a concert, a sporting event, a Christmas party or to visit family members in hospital.
“A lot of people have gone and got vaccinated and they need to be rewarded for their efforts. They have done everything I have asked them to do,” the Premier said.
It is astonishing to me that Australian politicians can speak in this authoritarian tone and receive, as if their due, nothing but approving nods from the press gallery.
Brisbane? Beijing? What’s the difference these days? Not much evidently.
If jabbed people “deserve” basic freedoms then, by implication, the 20% of Queenslanders who are not vaccinated, are undeserving.
Think about that. If a perfectly healthy person has decided — for whatever reason – that they don’t want to be jabbed, they are now deemed undeserving of basic rights we all took for granted less than two years ago.
And if jabbed people are being “rewarded” then those who have not “done everything I have asked them to do” are being punished.
It is one thing to say that unjabbed people are unwise. It is another thing altogether to say they are undeserving of basic human rights in their own country of birth.
How quickly our relationship to the state has been redefined. And how willingly we have gone along with it.
Regardless of our views on the injection, is this really the kind of country we want to live in?
A country in which politicians make medical decisions for us and then hold press conferences where, flanked by the Commissioner of Police, they promise to reward or to punish us according to our
obedience? WA is going down the same path except our premier is flanked by a v@ccine commander.
Copied and shared because these words resonate 100%.

Lance Johnston
This might be helpful to some.
I decided to copy this off a friend’s page.. I feel so sorry for anyone stood down over Xmas.
I am boggled why anyone would be stood down when so many industries can’t get staff??
Hopefully this will help someone
♦️ FOR THOSE STOOD DOWN Re: Centrelink payments
( I copied this from another group)
For any friends who have been “stood down” by their employer.
This is shared from someone who works for Centrelink who doesn’t want to be named but wants to share how people can continue to feed their families and pay their rent…
“It seems that there’s a lot of confusion around this term, as I’ve seen a few making posts that they have had issues claiming Centrelink payments due to separation certificates being requested, not being supplied by their employer etc.
There seems to be a misconception that being stood down means you have lost your job, but this is actually not the case. Yes, you have lost all income/shifts/wages for the time being, and your name may have disappeared from the roster… but you’re technically still employed.
This is why it’s SO important to NOT quit or leave your job under the threat of any of the current mandates/restrictions because this will severely change your eligibility to claim government welfare support, and create a bunch of massive hurdles, including extended delays to payment entitlements.
So, for those who don’t know or aren’t sure, “stand down” is essentially the equivalent of unpaid leave, for an unspecified amount of time, because due to a situation out of your employer’s hands (lockdowns, vaccine mandates etc) they cannot find an immediate use for you in your workplace. As such, when you are stood down, the business is not legally obligated to give you any shifts or pay you your minimum contracted hours.
This also removes any grounds for unfair dismissal or discrimination, since technically you’re still employed by them – hence why most employers are using this means to “pause” staff during the Covid19 situation, because it also helps them to keep their noses clean.
Unless they have specifically told you that your employment is being terminated, then you’re just stood down – and they do legally need to give you reasonable notice of this as well.
Now, the good news is that you actually CAN claim Centrelink payments whilst stood down.
Here is how:
In your application for jobseekers payment, do NOT list that you’re unemployed. This is actually not true, as you’re just stood down for the time being. Do not provide them the misconception that your employment is (or has been) ended, as this is the incorrect information which causes hurdles and approval issues.
What you SHOULD put down is that you’re currently EMPLOYED and provide the average hours you typically work (ie. whilst not stood down) and supply your employers details, all the relevant information requested by them within the application.
Assuming all the other suitability criteria is met and your claim is approved, you’ll be expected to report your earnings every fortnight.
Now the important bit… from the beginning of the period you are stood down from, you must record 0 hours worked, $0 income. This must reflect your actual situation, assuming that you are not receiving ANY income from your employment. Don’t forget to also report your partner’s earnings as well if need be, or any annual leave etc claimed – very important! – as this can affect the amount of payment you’re legally entitled to.
This is the correct way to report income during employment stand down periods. If you don’t have any other income affecting your fortnightly claim, then you should receive the full rate of Jobseeker ?
Anyone looking for more in-depth information on “Stand Down” check out by contacting Centrelink.
Do not deny yourself the government income you’re currently still entitled too.
Hope this helps someone

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