Unvaxxinated or Simply Vaxxine Free


Unvaxxinated or Simply Vaxxine Free

By Australian National Review

Unvaccinated or simply vaccine free


This was shared with me this morning…. Found it to be a fresh perspective :
The right words can have an impact on how we perceive pretty much everything. A word or two can make the difference between a “pre-owned car” versus a “used car.” Which car would you prefer?

I think it’s high time we changed the perception about ourselves by changing our language about ourselves. Up till now, those of us who want to remain in our normal health state have been derisively known as “The Unvaccinated.” And, what’s even worse, we have been naively cooperating by labeling ourselves the same as those who scorn us! It’s time to stop that nonsense!! Here’s why.
The word Unvaccinated in our context implies “lack.” The impression given by the term is that those who refuse the injections have (or are) “less than” those who take the injections. We are wrongly perceived as either sadly or stubbornly deficient or defective — even dangerous — because we lack a drug in our bodies that, in itself, is proving to be defective. How ridiculous! Do you feel a sense of lack?

Let’s look at some “UN” words to prove my point: Unenlightened. Unmarried. Unemployed. Unclean. Unattractive. Unhealthy. Uneducated. Undesirable. Unaware. Uncooperative. Uncaring. Uninformed.

Get the point?

Now, I propose we reinvent the perception of ourselves; one we can cheerfully announce without putting people off and also get them thinking. By this change, we can plant seeds of positivity around our informed and intelligent choice, change perceptions and the narrative and, perhaps, change minds and hearts and even increase our ranks.

From now on, let’s see ourselves truthfully as “vaccine-free” individuals — because that is what we are: mentally and physically free. If someone asks if you’re vaccinated, cheerfully reply to them with a smile, “I’m vaccine free,” or “I’m happy to say, I’m still vaccine free.” Practice saying it and writing it; YOU are no longer wearing the scarlet letter of UN, my friend.

Think of saying I’m vaccine-free as similar to the positive feelings around these words: Sodium free. Gluten free. Pesticide free. Static free. Phthalate free. BPA free. Hormone free. Fat free. Hassle free. Sugar free. Tax free. Allergen free. Stimulant free. Preservative free. Drug free.
Now let’s convey the same positive note about the empowering choice we have made for ourselves. Make saying “I’m vaccine free” a habit. Free is the operative word. And, please share this with all the vaccine-free people you know.

Spread the good news.

We are Vaccine FREE.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/unvaxxinated-or-simply-vaxxine-free/

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