Vaxx Passports – Your View

Vaxx Passports – Your View

By Russell Broadbent MP

You may have heard that international airlines will roll out digital health passes – otherwise known as a vaccine passport when international flights resume.

While private companies are entitled to make whatever decisions they like regarding vaccine passports, I have to say, I feel uncomfortable about the use of vaccine passports being made mandatory for domestic travel.

Over the past few months I’ve received passionate emails and calls from many constituents pleading with me to vote against the introduction of vaccine passports. But equally, I know many people are supportive of the idea.

Any decisions about vaccine passports need to be carefully considered and I want to better understand the perspectives of the people I represent.

So today, I invite you to respond to this video and share your views with me. In fact, feel free to forward this video to your family, friends and colleagues located in the Monash electorate and encourage them to let me know about their views as well.

Here’s what others had to say:

That’s a HARD NO from me for a vaccine passport. Last I looked we lived in a democratic country not a dictatorship. Everyone needs to learn the meaning of coercion. Coercion-”the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats”
According to the Australian Vaccination Handbook Preparing for vaccination | The Australian Immunisation Handbook ( one of the criteria for legally valid consent is the following- “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”
A vaccine passport will create medical apartheid, inflammatory division and a 2 classes society, actively punishing people who only ask to have the right to chose what they put into their body. This is COERCION. It is a sad day for Australia and a sad day for democracy if this eventuates.
And to think that the Australian Government can even entertain the idea of a vaccine passport for a drug that is still in a Stage 3 trial until 2023 is beyond me. I am disgusted at the Australian Government for putting the livelihoods of the Australian people into the hands of money hungry drug companies. Any information supplied to the Australian Government about these covid injections has come directly from pharmaceutical companies that have a vested monetary interest in the out come of these vaccine trials. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells for people I don’t know what will.

Shut TheGate
Alberta Canada, lifts nearly all restrictions because in court they could not produce an isolated sample of what is being pushed for lockdowns, to prove it exists.

Assyrian Moreen
I am from Sydney and I am extremely concerned about this mandate, I refuse to be pushed to do something against my will. I live in Australia not in a third world country and my family shares the same view. Thank you for standing up for us.

Patricia Laine
Absolutely not. The experimental jab is not as safe as we are being led to believe. No-one should be forced or coerced into having it just so they can travel or visit loved ones, visit a supermarket or entertainment venue or attend a medical appointment. It is morally and ethically wrong on so many levels.

craig storey
Thank you. Personally I think vaccine passports are just the start. It won’t end there it’s just the first step in the removal of basic freedoms we used to all take for granted. This stuff is all from The World Economic Forum and I feel they have some extremely concerning plans. Please resist these vaccine passports at all costs. The future of democracy hangs in the balance.

This discussion doesn’t deserve the light of day for an experimental/trail drug. It is wrong to even suggest vaccine passports.

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