Victorian Essential Workers Vaxx Mandate…

Victorian Essential Workers Vaxx Mandate…

By Reignite Democracy Australia – VIC

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Kim Marsden
My employer is requiring me to be vaxed. They don’t want to but feel the Andrews pressure. I’m told I’m not being fired, but can’t be rostered. I NEED MY JOB!!!! I hate it all!!!

John Dige
Coles have sent out letters asking employees to have 1st vaccination by the 15 of October. Or they won’t be rostered on

Samuel Buckley
Yep hold ya line – you decide what goes in your body, not the government.

Liz Moffitt
It’s a shame we are having to fight for the most basic of human rights!

Anastasia Phengari
Integrity is the weapon to hold on to ?

Angie Riches
I can’t afford to hold the line. There is no financial support though ?

Vin Camilleri
Nothing is worth more than our health ✊????

Latifa Ayoubi Al-Rustom
A teacher is taking it to court tomorrow

Lorraine White
Hold the line what about the woman in qld in the community for 10 days infectious and fully vaccinated

Laura Knowles
My shifts will be on hold from next week… my workplace stated that it’s “law”… ?

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