What About the Children? The Looming Epidemic in Our Young

What About the Children? The Looming Epidemic in Our Young

By Australian National Review

We’re safe. Great.

Thank you Dan Andrews, Gladys Berejiklian, Mark McGowan and Anastasia Palaszczuk. There are other Premiers and a Prime Minister, sure, but you four are the most responsible for ‘keeping us all safe’ from Covid-19 with your ‘fast and hard’ lockdowns, consequences be damned.

You are therefore also responsible for those consequences. Here is a looming one: the mental health crisis in our children, which is rapidly spiraling into a physical health crisis.

In this sit down with Dr Carolyne Bosak and David Limbrick MP we completely ignored the ballooning weight and other markers of sickness in our children associated with a sedentary and isolated lifestyle. We focused on the elephant in the room – exploding cases of depression, self harm, and suicide ideation caused by lockdowns. These are slowly being proven in the statistics and it was always going to take time because of the lag built into this type of data collection.

Harms from Covid-19 may be more immediate and therefore more apparent, but that does not mean they are more severe than what we must now watch unfold for the coming years. The emerging data showing the mental health disaster is not predicted to peak until mid 2022.

There is a long road to travel.

So, just how ‘safe’ did our governments keep us?

Here’s what others had to say:

Autumn Pendergast
There is a CURE for all of this. Sack the entire government.

Luke Kent
Yup they say talk to your gp yet your gp is simply not allowed to say anything different no matter the evidence they themselves may have found.

Rebecca Pennell
Such an important topic which often gets ignored. Thank you so much for covering this.

The Skeptic
This is horrific , children suffering has long term ramifications and it’s the action of supposed adults . Children are paying this price emotionally and will pay the financial costs as well.

Rodney Blackwell
Our govt officials seem willing to sacrifice a whole generation of children.

Frank Wren
Mr Limbrick being the real opposition leader there

Elisabeth Spencer
So you are expected to use your best professional judgement as long as it doesn’t disagree with the government spin? How is that using your judgement? More fearing mongering and threats from the government. How is this for our health and safety?

Ben Kirby
I had my 12YO son in tears with the announcement of the last lockdown. He is a very strong and socially adjusted kid and this just broke him.

Marina N
My friend from New York said the same. She called us nuts.

Zrinka Dvorscak
This is so sad. We & especially our frontline workers have ALL been silenced by bullying. God bless you Dr Carolyn Bosak for speaking up & for ALL the wonderful work that you do for our community.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/what-about-the-children-the-looming-epidemic-in-our-young/

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