Would You Like Some Vaxxine With Your Adverse Reaction?

Would You Like Some Vaxxine With Your Adverse Reaction?

By Thecrowhouse

Here’s what others had to say:

Hi Max. I agree with you. Putin is a deepstate player, doing what the WEF wants him to do.
The deepstate players are all in it together. One big whorehouse.

my best friend had a heart attack from a blood clot after taking the vaccine

Yes, Max, let Fedex feel the heat and expose them. Let them regret for what they did with your guitar.

The global elites have their own highly encrypted internet that only they can access. They can openly talk to one another, plan, and execute coordinated plans. They had us defeated long before we even knew there was a problem…

The jews want to control a world of 500M slaves, and a bunch of robots. An entire world of shabbos goy waiting on their every need, mostly gay sex.

MAX, The braindead fvckwits in the UK believe every word the tyranny tells them, they absorb the shyte on TV and MSM and are very defensive when you point out inconsistencies and downright lies. F*k them.

Biggest haarp facility in the world down there hmm.

Dying of natural causes only means that he had no wounds, no cuts, no bullet holes, etc. Everyone who dies from the jab dies of “natural causes” technically, that’s the trick.

I miss the beard already 5 seconds in

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