You Can Opt Out of the Vaxx Passport

You Can Opt Out of the Vaxx Passport

By George Christensen update
State Governments are trying to create a vaccine passport system to enforce medical apartheid in Australia. You can stop that by denying them access to your personal data that’s on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). State Government do not have their own vaccine registries so they will have to rely on AIR data as to who has and has not had the jab.
Individuals who opt out will frustrate any vaccine passport system but if enough Australians deny them the data then the system will be unworkable.
The Federal Health Minister has advised me that “individuals can choose to opt out of having their personal information disclosed from the AIR.” To opt out download, print, fill in and send Services Australia form IM017 ‘Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) – ceasing correspondence and release of information’ that can be found at:…/heal…/forms/im017 or at…/opt-out-of-the… 

Here’s what others had to say:

Vicki Williams
I’m confused how opting out will help –
If we need to show a vaccine passport we still won’t have one
Am I missing something?
I’m also concerned that all I’m doing by posting a form is identifying myself and my status / stand as others have expressed
This puts us between a rock and a hard place as we do need to speak up as they say silence is consent (which I disagree with – sometimes it just makes sense not to waste energy when minds have been made up – harder to move than a brick wall)

Dru Winstanley
This is a good thing it should be available to everyone the mainstream media should’ve shown everyone their right to choose this
Maybe the government understands why they’re not trusted by millions of Australians when they keep the simple choices away from people

Debbie Thorpe
George Christensen I had this shared with me yesterday which had some valid points and amendments that can be made to the form to make it more contractual and ensure we are not agreeing to the government’s

Daniel Williams
Divisive and dangerous. I’m not on board with this whatsoever. Power mad politicians of all stripes and jurisdictions, as well as the health officials are trying their darnest to take away your rights and freedoms. This will lead very badly down the road to a place in time we’ve already lived through…well, our older Australians anyway and yet we fail to learn from it.

Terry Collins
Under the national privacy principles, it is illegal to use the private information of a person gathered for other reasons it was not given.

Bruce Jeffries
This seems a bit pointless given the fact if one has not got a passport you will not be able into many places

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