Your Silence Implies Consent

Your Silence Implies Consent

By Adrian D’Amico

Your Silence Implies Consent
When would NOW be the right time to stand in your power?
For 17 months I and many others have been fighting for you whilst being accused of fear-mongering, being overdramatic, attention-seeking, conspiracy theorists yet here we are with 400 people with a mild case of the flu across our entire country, the military is being called in by our government and health officials to strong-arm Aussies into injecting the world deadliest poison under the guise of medicine into our veins.
I am calling on the silent majority to rise. If you do not become part of the solution, please acknowledge you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.
If you do not fight for your children WHO WILL FIGHT FOR THEM?
If you do not fight for your sovereignty, you are FREELY RELINQUISHING YOUR FREEDOM
I have fought for you now will you stand with me?
Those in parliament who know this is not right, stand with me
Those in defence and the police, who know this is wrong stand with me
Those in the medical profession who know very well this is not about our health, stand with me
Those who just know, stand with me
The thing is, this tyranny is a house of cards and it all comes crashing down when we rise as one
Don’t be scared, do not be afraid, honour your family, honour your children, honour your fellow man

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