Scuffle Over a Drone at Freedom Day

Scuffle Over a Drone at Freedom Day

By Corner Edge Studios

Scuffle that’s all can be said!

Yasmin gives exclusive footage from in the action, of when a drone pilot was arrested , which brought chaos to the crowds.

Listen to the full story from an interview with Luke Taylor showing firsthand footage of the incident and his experience on what happened on September 18th when a man in the Botanic Gardens was arrested for flying a drone on Freedom Day.

Here’s what others had to say:

Moore Love Gaia
Have you even communicated with the drone man? Surely he would be easy to find? This is suss as.

Moore Love Gaia
So was the apprent drone man one of us or a shill…it made me wonder when he started yelling out … and that the park gates were closed…1st time and I’ve been to every Brisbane rally …something seems very much like a set up to get people angry…

Medical apartheid will not be allowed in Australia while I’m still alive

Dangerous Clotshot

Papa Bear XRP
I was there and seen it all

Under cover cops at a peaceful rally then the only thing that will happen is trouble, glad the screen shots of both under covers is out for all the world to see those rats for what they are. My screen shots are now used for target practice..

Gabriel Stoian
Loved the brazilian bateria at the end 🙂

Katyas AniWell
They look like straight out of a Batman movie – just not as tall as Hollywood projects them ?

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