The Internt of Bodies (IoB). This Is the Future They Want To Build

The Internt of Bodies (IoB). This Is the Future They Want To Build

By Found Verity

The Internt of Bodies (IoB)

The same people that want you to take DNA altering technology ? also want you to be connected to the Internet of Bodies. All part of the 4th industrial revolution.


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Here’s what others had to say:
that’s why i don’t even fuck with apple watches


“Demon possession” is what I’ll call it.

Your thoughts belong to You. What influences your thoughts which turn your thoughts into your actions is were the Power is…Guard Your Gates! ???

Eddie Griffin a comedian on stage once said ” Think . . . it ain’t illegal yet , . . . but they are working on it ” Yikes ! ! ! ???????

Hive mind mentality. To connect all of us in the beast system.

This isn’t the future this is the last 50 years of reality

Notice who was sitting in the audience??

It’s like being in a film this it really is! They made all those films to prep us all i know. Fortunately there are loads of us who see through all the madness. They are criminally insane. If it was a film i would have turned it off ? got to keep going and stay strong family

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