Things That I Will Mandate for My Employees

Things That I Will Mandate for My Employees

By Pete Tansley

Things that I will mandate for my employees: vitamin D breaks. Daily sweat sessions. Proper hydration and food.

Making your mental health a priority. Having fun and finding joy every day.

Think I won’t mandate for my employees: the jab.

Under the Australian ‘No Jab No Pay’ the government are pushing the ? for consulting offices.

If this happens, I’ll just “gift” my team every week instead of paying them.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nikki Lea
How to run a business ??

Stephen Maw
❤️ this

Paul Holland

Paul Holland
Gifts may even be tax free…

Candice Parsons
You’re outstanding Pete. ❤️?

David Kellam
I’d say let’s start a heliocentric religion, but federally they even removed religious exemptions from existing vaxes for kids in all but one or two cases. And medical ones on all grounds except specific component allergies. Such a scam.
Need this tested federally and State SOE’s over ASAP.

Ashleigh Smyth
Initial Tax free gifts and then you get to claim those gifts back on tax. Win win situation

Melissa Munro
Hats off, from Canada! Fantastic!!

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