Phil Schneider On D.U.M.Bs

Phil Schneider On D.U.M.Bs

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D.U.M.Bs, which stands for Deep Underground Military Bases. They are whole secret cities for the “New World Order”
Phil was a lecturer on Dulce Base. he had been on lecture tour for two years, prior to his death, speaking out about government cover-ups, black projects and UFO phenomena.
Insiders and researchers say that advanced technology developed in secret, often from recovered UFOs, is stored and engineered in these secretive bases. I’ve also read that possible victims of human trafficking and other insidious cabal activities take place deep within the earth.
Which wouldn’t be far fetched considering that we know how these puppets work. I’ve also read of demon-like entities within the Earth who in exchange for humans, pass on advanced tech. Who knows, Rabbit ⚫ Holes are DEEP!

Very thankful for this man sharing his accounts. A True Patriot indeed. You can find vids of this on YouTube or you can also buy them on eBay. Burned copies. I did the same with Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper, and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura(3 seasons), that and much more.. I figured I’d start collecting info like this for myself to have. To be prepared for censorship and have this info for the people. Just a thought. If millions of us do it. We’ll be good.

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