Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse

By Sonya van Gelder

A series of videos have recently been released through alternative media, of 9 year old Hampstead girl Alisa and her 8 year old brother Gabriel’s testimony of abuse at the hands of their father and his satanic cult.

The alleged abuses involve a network of pedophiles in positions of public trust, including school teachers, priests, social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies and police officers.

Although an initial Police Medical examination revealed physical evidence of abuse, the UK legal establishment failed to begin formal investigations into these allegations.

The videos of the children’s testimonies have subsequently leaked into the public arena.

While officials seem determined to sweep these startling allegations under the rug, and have even issued warrants for the arrest of the mother and her legal counsel, unrelenting anti-abuse campaigners and alternative media outlets have swung into action.

In their video statements the children, Alisa and Gabriel, describe horrific details of secret Satanic rituals taking place within the confines of their London school in Hampstead and various other schools, churches and notable buildings such as the local Starbucks Café and McDonalds.

The rituals they described involve child rape, sodomy, orgies, torture, cannibalism and human sacrifices, including the ritual slaughter and cannabalism of newborn babies.

After the children’s mother, Ella, brought these accusations forward, the children were taken from her custody by UK authorities and placed right back into the hands of the system of social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies and police officers these children should be protected from, particularly given their far reaching allegations.

According to Ella, the children were asked by Police to retract their statements in later police interviews, conducted after the children had spent 6 days in two separate foster care accommodations. Notably, the children’s initial statements correlated with each other while also being extremely detailed, however their later retractions (issued after a week in institutional placement) were entirely dissimilar.

Following the release of this footage, arrest warrants have been placed on the mother Ella and her legal counsel Sabine Kurjo McNeill, who have both reportedly fled the country. At the time of writing, further warrants have also been issued within the EU, so it would seem they are no longer safe anywhere in Europe.

Is this really how the mother of two abused children should be treated?

This story is making its way through alternative media outlets, but there is a huge SILENCE in mainstream media, no word from the perpetrators named by the children and no major investigation being done by police. Compounding the problem, to the majority of the public this kind of information is so horrendous and unthinkable that it is beyond the capacity of many people to believe this could be true, much less contemplate the details. Therefore there is still a veil of silence within the community at large when it comes to the problem of institutionalized pedophilia.


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