A Selection of Doomsday Predictions Over the Last 55 Years That I Have Had To Process……

A Selection of Doomsday Predictions Over the Last 55 Years That I Have Had To Process……

By Australian National Review

1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years
1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years
1970: Oceans Dead in a Decade, US Water Rationing by 1974
1970: Ice Age By 2000
1971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 2030
1972: New Ice Age By 2070
1974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast
1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent
1978: No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend
1980: Peak Oil In 2000
1988: Maldive Islands will Be Underwater by 2018 (they’re not)
1989: UN Warns That Entire Nations Wiped Off the Face of the Earth by 2000 From Global Warming
1989: Rising Sea Levels will Obliterate Nations if Nothing Done by 2000
1989: New York City’s West Side Highway Underwater by 2019 (it’s not)
1996: Peak Oil in 2020
2000: Children Won’t Know what Snow Is
2002: Peak Oil in 2010
2005: Manhattan Underwater by 2015
2005: Fifty Million Climate Refugees by the Year 2020
2006: Super Hurricanes!
2007: Flannery “even the rain that falls will not fill our dams and our river systems”
2000: Snowfalls Are Now a Thing of the Past
2008: Arctic will Be Ice Free by 2018
2008: Climate Genius AG Predicts Ice-Free Arctic by 2013
2009: Climate Genius AG Moves 2013 Prediction of Ice-Free Arctic to 2014
2013: Arctic Ice-Free by 2015
2019: The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,’ AOC says
2020: Australia’s Bushfires Could Become the New Normal

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/lifestyle/a-selection-of-doomsday-predictions-over-the-last-55-years-that-i-have-had-to-process/

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