A Win for the Truckies!

A Win for the Truckies!

By Phillip J Watt

A win for the truckies!

For those concerned about the clear erosion of democratic rights across the western world, don’t despair. This attempted takeover by the economic, medical and digital technocrats will inevitably fail.

They had a good crack, but this so-called new normal will fizzle out, just like it did in Denmark. After all, they can’t hide from the data forever. There’s just too many experts and laymen alike who don’t buy their snake oil.

They’ll fulfill their quota for their shot contracts, other medicines will continue to be accessed off script (as they are right now), jab passports will be scrapped, big tech will continue to lose audience to the alternative platforms, the major parties will back peddle on certain issues so minor parties don’t get too much swing and life will go on with these muppets at the UN, the Davos crew and the like continuing to scramble to fulfil their world domination goals.

For us, there will be little win after little win with some losses thrown inbetween. We’ll continue with rallies and other methods of peaceful protesting, including how we spend our money. Any businesses who require the shot to offer their service will lose big. More and more people will make their own personal decisions regarding their medical needs, including consulting doctors who don’t just parrot the propaganda. And ultimately we’ll just continue watching the slow death of the old guard whilst the new guard takes over, as subtle as it’ll be.

Invest in popcorn. You’re gonna need a lot of it.

Here’s what others had to say:

Alexis East
The music industry are desperate and are now supporting.

Laze Brook
They can always shock and awe us with something although I just wish they don’t.

Dianne Hoflehner
I believe you may be right.

Daniel Griffiths
Good start we need to keep moving forward as a country together.

Innica Lane
Gee this is good news to wake up to.

Reginald John
Will still need vax to cross border.. so it really doesn’t matter.
They will cover it either way…
Just like they aren’t ‘forcing’ anyone, but youll lose your job if you don’t…
And the muppets will applaud them for it..

Robyn Cath
Can only hope this is all true despite some doubts, only because wherever there’s big payouts involved, they’re always a step ahead, following the money trail.
Fabulous WIN for the truckies for SA.

Anna Olimpia
We must keep doing the unexpected, if we do what is expected, we will lose.

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