All Aboard for Operation Bullet Train

All Aboard for Operation Bullet Train

By Australian National Review

We had approximately 100,000 people who attended the last major rally in Australia. If each one of these people distributed 100 flyers within their community, we would reach 10 million households.

The Bullet Train is one of the fastest means of travel in the world. There are no obstacles in its tracks as it moves freely to each station. Like a network, we will cover the entire country. The truth will travel just as fast as a bullet train as we move across our communities. This is why this campaign has been called Operation Bullet Train. We board on Monday!

Instruction 1: Download the flyers at & print out your favourites
Instruction 2: Grab your flyers, a friend or family member, or your furry friend, and go for a walk around your local community
Instruction 3: Issue the flyers to mailboxes along your way, don’t miss any stops, and mostly don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your exercise!
Instruction 4: Get involved everyday while out on your walk until the 21st August

Every flyer is planting a seed, and you just never know where it may grow. Thank yourself for being part of the change.

Feel free to upload a photo or video (it doesn’t have to be of your face) of you getting out amongst the community to encourage others, it could be The sky, your flyers, the view, your dog – and post it to– to go into the draw to win a t-shirt with your very own protest design on it

Here’s what others had to say:

Katrina Wells
We have the biggest asleep Aussie here in Tassie.

Rafael Fernandez
21 08 2021 freedom rally around the world and Australia.

Kerry Verdon
Thanks for these flyers. I was thinking of doing something like this, and you’ve put in pretty much what I thought of doing. Great work.

Kerry Verdon
hehehe yeah I’m still waiting for the pandemic to pick up from those ‘selfish’ rallies. Yep, still nothing.

Sue Jones
I supported Fanos when he only had less 1000, gave him access to the constitutional groups, please put up just the links for the short video and the leaflet, it is short sharp that way.

Bell Tarryn
Im pulling my son out of high school with these jabs i dont trust the government, and getting land to set up

Elisabeth Davis
Is bullet train project just for nsw.

Brad Roussos
Was at a pub today in Collingwood doing takeaway BBQ and takeaway drinks was open for about 3 hours next minute police rock up and shut it down threaten the owners with a 10k fine they weren’t doing anything wrong just doing takeaway.

Mukra Moorpi
Hey, are we able to get flyers with other options to QR Codes for us older people that are unable to access them?

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