Aussie Teachers Fight Back Against Strong Arm Tactics By the Unethical and Corrupted Education System


Aussie Teachers Fight Back Against Strong Arm Tactics By the Unethical and Corrupted Education System

By Rebekah Mclean

Darryl (Darryl the disgrace) Currie
Executive Director
Professional and Ethical Standards
NSW Government Education

I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence, your reference CPM-2021-5261. This does not mean that I accept it in any way, but on the contrary, I reject it and express my utter disgust at the letter and at you its writer. My disgust is amplified by the fact that you are portraying yourself as some sort of arbiter and or custodian of professional and ethical standards.

I have a very good history in my employment as a school teacher, I have done a lot for my students. I have regularly gone beyond the minimum that was expected of me. I have always acted with regard to my own very high ethical standards. There is a strong level of respect for me as a teacher from school principals. Likewise, there is a strong demand for my services as a teacher, and this goes beyond the artificial teacher shortage that was created by insane, unfounded, and ineffective responses to Covid. I have recently been awarded an Honours degree in education at the University of Newcastle, with my thesis being on the need for greater wellbeing in teaching. My thesis has been very well received and I have received an additional award for my work.

Your letter, on the other hand, shows that you would do well to educate yourself on the place for well-being in teaching, and for you to have a major rethink on just what professional and ethical standards really are. I will tell you what they are not. They are not about intimidation and bullying and inference and innuendo employed to get your own way. Yet your letter is riddled with these, and the extent to which they are is what led me you give you your additional title of darryl the disgrace.

The file name for your letter is ‘Final letter for CPM-2021-5621. This is not a good start and sounds like, from the title, a final letter from a debt collector, certainly not a letter from a professional and ethics officer trying to welcome and entice back teachers who were excluded from their profession, because of most decidedly unethical demands that they be injected with dangerous – even deadly experimental vaccines that have been shown to be not only ineffective at stopping the spread of Covid, but which they themselves have serious and sometimes non-reversible side effects including death.


I have utter contempt for any accusations of professional misconduct brought against me on these grounds. I note that you have removed the requirement for teachers to receive these so called vaccinations – vaccinations that are not just less than 100% effective, but that do not work at all to stop the spread, being infected, or infecting anyone else. And do not try to rationalise that they used to work but do not work on the current variations of Covid. They do not work and did not work ever at all.

And so apologies rather than accusations would be more appropriate. They would also work towards your own self-interest as I know that there are a great many affected teachers that are VERY dissatisfied with your position. The PES matter may be finalised in your mind, but it is not at all finalised in mine, and a great many like me. I suggest you desist with your use of warnings. Further, I demand that full details of this matter be placed on my personnel record. You do not get away with attempted bullying like this and then hide it away.

You have requests and expectations on what we should do next. I suggest you downgrade those to hopes. I suggest that your letter should not be the final demand at all and that you reconsider your position and approach, and issue strong apologies for what you have done. This may well placate us and save you from class and individual actions.

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