Boris Pistorius Calls For Telegram To Be Removed From the App Store


Boris Pistorius Calls For Telegram To Be Removed From the App Store

By Australian National Review

Boris Pistorius calls for Telegram to be removed from the app store

The mood mongering against dissenters escalates.

German media is going all-in against those who disagree with the government’s radical Covid course. Within weeks, critics became enemies of the state.

Peaceful demonstrations are falsely displayed as a gathering of rightist radicals, and Prof. Peter Dabrock ( even said that it is ethically correct that unvaccinated people are declared as tyrants (

Today, Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Pistorius ( topped this statement by declaring dissidents as potential terrorists ( His demands to ban Telegram are consistent with those of the German state media. The insidious thing about this claim is that the same people/media have declared Telegram a “tool of freedom” during the Hongkong and Belarus protests. The German State News #Tagesschau tried to cover their tracks by deleting their hymns of praise concerning Telegram (

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