How To Be Number 1. Avoid Blood Clots and Heart Attacks


How To Be Number 1. Avoid Blood Clots and Heart Attacks

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

How to be number 1.
Avoid blood clots and heart attacks.

And have some ticker to stand up to Facism and retards who believe the the fairytale of an a imaginary flu branded and packaged as Covid 19


Here’s what others had to say:

Mayret Djamirze
Everyone is focusing on Novak .. what about Julia Robers and co they have arrived in Sydney and were granted a quarantine exemption.. 7 days home quarantine in their Vacluse mansion.. don’t hear the media talking about that!

Norman Favaloro
Not a fan of this bloke, but good on him for standing his ground with covid diarrhoea!

Alan Beck
Good on him for standing up for peoples rights and other athletes.
If only others had the balls to stand up

David Henderson
Must be tricky having to deal with extra quarantine restrictions in certain countries – makes his achievements last year even more impressive having to put up with this fascism

Jo Kirby
He already had covid so should have natural immunity.

Julia Milisavljevic
He is a legend
On and off the court
And he won’t be bullied.
He knows all to well where he has come from .

Adrian Galiazzo
Bit obvious, he’s the only player without a heart condition

Daniel Tonn
If I get asked I’m gonna start asking if they are circumsized or not and I need to see proof.

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