How To Spy on 7 Billion People

How To Spy on 7 Billion People

By Regan Hillyer



Have you ever felt like
You are being watched?
The truth is,
You probably are,
And this is why.

If you are not okay with being monitored,
Comment I SEE YOU!

I love you,

And remember,
You absolutely can have it all,

Regan X

Here’s what others had to say:

Karen Moratelli
I see you !
How to make sure on my phone setting?
You could explain if your not technically, would be helpful

Espie B Tamulmol
How can I find to stop tracking me in phone where in settings?

Brenda AndJohnny Mulhausen
Espie B Tamulmol look up Kurt the Cyberguy on the internet.

Bronwyn Holm
Regan Hillyer no… it’s your location… these texts on this page… so much analytics… the best thing is not have a phone…

Dave Jenson
Bronwyn Holm so they are going to know that I go to the drug store, the grocery store and the liquor store? Oh No..

Sarah Jane Latchford
Espie B Tamulmol nobody is interested in where you are, unless you’re a somebody

Michael Laino
Regan Hillyer haha!! I’m sorry sir but you obviously don’t understand what’s going on! Say hey Siri, say hey google, say Alexa turn off, your computer is listening!!

Alan John Mayer Author
You tell me to go to my settings. But you don’t tell me what to do there.

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