Humanity Being Removed Before the Big Event


Humanity Being Removed Before the Big Event

By Trump News

AUSTRALIA: Queensland health official Jeannette Young is now promising to flood the country with vaccinated super spreaders who carry covid, claiming on video, “Every single queenslander is going to get exposed to the covid-19 virus and will get infected.”

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A social media post after listening to Mike Adams and making an Idiocracy meme: I kept my mouth shut until I learned what happened during the manslaughter incident involving Alex Baldwin. The 24 year old lady who headed up armory on the movie set left real ammo and blanks in the same area. Alec Baldwin and the crew used the same gun as a recreational target shooting device as they did for a movie prop. Alec Baldwin screwed up not practicing proper gun safety. See what happens when you let the libtards play with guns? There is Fictional Idiocracy in the movies and Non Fictional Idiocracy in the movies.

No..well yeah but…
It was done on purpose. Whether Baldwin was in on it or not, is still unkmown. But the murder was planned. Just like Brandon Lee’s “accidental” shooting and of course, his father’s death, was planned.

Frank Jensen
Woman shot was connected to Hillary Clinton – so straight out extermination

Killary Clit is pure evil. If she is involved everything is possible ! Did Hillary say: “We saw, we came she died !” ?

Texas Arwen
If someone else loaded the gun, how could they have known that Baldwin would shoot anyone with it, or who he would shoot with it?

anna b
I heard that the women Alex B killed was preparing to report incriminating evidence on Hillary Clinton. It was talked about today on the podcast “AndWeKnow”. She was a Trump supporter and Alex B hated DT. This was a very suspicious death to say the leas.

Diane Ruehl
Mike they have vaccinated the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo one of the best zoos in the nation. Maybe bc of the food shortages and an inability to feed them?

That is so warped!!.. I read that the demonic forces are so envious of what God created- these Miraculous, diverse, & beautiful animal species!!- that they pathetically want to override their natural, God-given DNA with these shots. It all seems crazy & pitiful!!..

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