Institute for Scientific Freedom

Institute for Scientific Freedom

By JavRoJav

Institute for Scientific Freedom
Symposium lectures:

Free book:
‘The decline and fall of the Cochrane empire’
Prof Gotzsche (Cochrane co-founder):
“About institutional corruption / democracy into a brutal tyranny. It explains why one of the most important organisations ever in healthcare, the Cochrane Collaboration, now seems to be doomed because the wrong man was employed as CEO [Bill Gates funding] …he suddenly left without a farewell message. Did he have powerful friends in the drug industry? Was he planted to destroy Cochrane?”

Excellent book:
‘Survival in an overmedicated world – Look up the Evidence Yourself’
Professor Gotzsche:
“Doctors use many treatments which do not work,.. all treatments will cause harm to some patients, you must look up evidence yourself.”

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