Make Noosa Shire Pro-Choice – No Discrimination


Make Noosa Shire Pro-Choice – No Discrimination

By Mike Robson

Are you concerned about the future with reference to the upcoming vaccine passport mandate and associated directives & responsibilities for businesses?

Have the lockdowns, masking, check-ins and other directives impacted on your business over the last 20 months?

Are you concerned about having to enforce & monitor the upcoming vaccine passport mandate on the governments behalf?

Is it really your job to be the enforcers for the government and council?

Are you confused about your duties and obligations?

Do you want to lose more customers and income?

Do you want to live in a shire where segregation underpins society?

It is the Government that will fine a business for breaches of the 1988 Privacy Act. The Human Rights Commission, a taxpayer funded department, is also already gathering cases across Australia. The cost to individual businesses can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can business afford to risk the cost of legal actions and financial settlements for well intentioned or unwitting acts of discrimination or breaches of the Privacy Act and other laws? In addition, businesses are liable for the injury or death of an employee who has been forced to take the jab to keep their job.

Livingstone Shire Council (Yeppoon) has already acted to become a pro-choice shire. They are not upholding ANY vaccine status segregation. We in Noosa Shire aim to do the same.

If you are from Noosa and agree please sign and share this petition.

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