MY MUSINGS. Been reflecting all day on this lockdown

MY MUSINGS. Been reflecting all day on this lockdown

By Warren S Black

Been reflecting all day on this lockdown
A few things I have realised today
1. It’s one thing to RESPECT somebody’s OPINION. It doesn’t mean you RESPECT them as a PERSON. I have zero to little respect for anyone who goes along hook, line and sinker with everything going on. You are an idiot. Plain and simple.
2. You cannot with any semblance of intelligence believe the government cares one iota about your health. If they did, they would NOT be shutting down allied health. There is no other conclusion other than this is a MEDICAL MAFIA takeover by big pharmaceutical companies with socialists.
3. The evidence now strongly supports a world takeover by a very dark inferior socialist and pharma force who is secretly extorting and threatening governments across the world to comply, and have infiltrated them, eg.
* All countries went into lockdown last year at the same time
* Allied health being limited but not others
* The choice of essential services businesses, eg. bottle shops are essential but not naturopaths, fitness, etc. Go figure.
* Pressure and inducements for jabs which borders on laughable
* Handouts being given away
* The virus doesn’t meet the definition of a pandemic
* Mis-use of State of Emergency provisions
4. In terms of how the extortion could look like, I am not sure completely but it could be some or all of this
* Made to look stupid in world media
* Threats by the IMF and G20 to call in loans and crash the economy long before it’s ready
* Withdrawal of investments and cash injections
* Shut off for essential imported supplies
* Worst case, threat to withdraw allied support in the event of a full scale world war with China and/or Russia
I am sure there are others but that’s my first attempt.
5. Even A-Zeneca acknowledge the whole jab is a trial. The WHO have admitted lockdowns and masks should NOT be the go to solution. Doctors and surgeons I have spoken to privately have confirmed they don’t. Yet the insanity continues.
6. Even “awake” business owners I know in Perth are choosing to shut down and not see clients, despite the fact they have been blatantly discriminated against. Some I can understand (eg. you are in a major shopping mall) but others who operate privately in their own home or a tiny office, it boggles me. Either they secretly want a holiday or have no sense of personal sovereignty. Not sure which. Maybe a bit of both.
7. There is a small chance I am wrong and can be explained by the fact our politicians, governments and business owners are so incredibly stupid that this is all it is. Total sheep. I highly doubt it because history shows most governments pride themselves on operating independently from each other. Plus as dumb as they are, not every politician and small business owner is dumb. Some know exactly what they’re doing.
So where will this all end.
Not very well I figure.
Not unless people decide to say no more and enough is enough and experience a serious spiritual awakening.
i can’t see that happening this year and even next year is doubtful from what I am seeing.
Maybe 2023.
This is one thing I’d love to be wrong on.

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