Network Ten Is ‘Going Broke by Being Woke’

Network Ten Is ‘Going Broke by Being Woke’

By Sky News


Network Ten is “going broke by being woke” and its ratings are down in key timeslots, according to Sky News host Paul Murray.

Mr Murray said “unsurprisingly” Australians have not huddled around the television for programs such as the new season of the Bachelorette which includes both men and women as contestants, since the lead, Brooke Blurton is bisexual.

“And it’s not because Australia is a country full of bigots – they don’t care,” he said.

“They would rather watch two gay blokes renovating a bathroom rather than someone talking endlessly about their identity. So it’s nothing to do with sexuality.

“So Channel 10 told advertisers that unless you go woke, you’ll go broke, while they are going broke by being woke.”

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