To Every Australian Who Believes That Those Standing Up for Our Freedoms Are Selfish, Irresponsible, and Stupid

To Every Australian Who Believes That Those Standing Up for Our Freedoms Are Selfish, Irresponsible, and Stupid

By Mark’s Real Talk and Discussion WA

To every Australian who believes that those standing up for our freedoms are SELFISH, IRRESPONSIBLE, and STUPID.

We STAND for the Small Business Owners who are unable to pay rent or put food on the table.
We STAND for the thousands of families experiencing extreme levels of Domestic Violence.
We STAND for the Elderly Citizens who desperately want to see their loved one’s during their final years.
We STAND for the 400+ Australian’s who have passed away after receiving the Experimental Jab.
We STAND for the 41,406 people who experienced Serious Adverse Effects.
We STAND for the millions experiencing extreme levels of Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks.
We STAND for the children who are going without an Education, Holidays, Sports or Play Dates with their friends.
We STAND for the families who have lost loved ones due to Suicide.
We STAND for the thousands who are not receiving Preventative Medical Care for other illnesses and diseases.
We STAND for the many countries around the world who rely on Tourism for their Survival.
We STAND for maintaining our Basic Human Rights and Freedom of Choice.
We STAND for Natural Health Care and Boosting our Immune Systems.
We STAND for Treating the Cause of Disease instead of Covering up the Symptoms.
We STAND for the ability to Breathe Fresh Air into our lungs without restriction.
We STAND for Freedom of Movement without constant Surveillance, Tracking or Tracing.
We STAND for our Kids and Future Generations.
We STAND for YOU despite the arrows that constantly come our way.

So the real question is … what do you STAND for?

If only we could stop the Fighting, Division and Abuse and realise we actually desire many of the same things for humanity.

They want to keep us in a state of Fear, Rage and Anger.

They want us to believe we are Against each other.

Who are you fighting for?

How much longer would you like this to go on for?

What would happen if we actually put aside our differences and came Together as One?


Here’s what others had to say:

Marie Brannigan
Great post! I see when I shared the Fakebook warning is telling me that this page has been found by independent fact-checkers to post lies, hahaha!

Vincent Valentino
But, but, but. The boogeyman virus might get me.
I mean, I know with no co-morbidities I have zero chance of death. But. But. But. What if?!
Please oh please let the government “protect” me forever and ever and ever from the boogeyman under my bed.

Rick Tolhopf
How selfish standing up for all these people!
Shouldn’t we really be standing up for all the sheeples that don’t care or really have no idea as to what’s happening?
Asking for a friend

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