Truth Day Letters to Your Elected Members

Truth Day Letters to Your Elected Members

By Vaccine Choice Australia

Here is where you will find the latest Truth Day question announced each Tuesday. This is where you get to ask your MPs about this question and let them know how you feel about it.

Remember that they can’t represent you properly if you’re not communicating how you feel on issues.

Simply complete the details in the form below and don’t forget to check the link in your email to confirm and send. You may also need to check your junk folder for the confirmation. A couple of pointers:

  • Use your own words as much as possible.
  • You do NOT need to use a greeting or sign off – this is all done for you
  • Review your letter. The last box will show you exactly how your email will look. Edit this section to make sure you are happy with how it reads before you press submit.
  • Check your email for the confirmation email for your letter to be sent. Check your junk folder.


Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has made it mandatory for travellers entering Western Australia from New South Wales to show proof that they have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has made it a requirement for essential workers who need to cross into Queensland from New South Wales to be vaccinated.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has publicly supported these measures by stating that he thinks it is “very consistent with what the national plan is seeking to achieve”.

As my elected Member of Parliament, do you support such measures that removes the basic human right of freedom of travel should a person choose not to be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated?

I urgently request that you support Craig Kelly’s ‘No Domestic Vaccine Passport’ Bill should it be debated in parliament. Will you stand with your fellow Members of Parliament who have publicly opposed domestic vaccine passports?

If you choose not to support the basic human rights of the Australian people, will you resign from your position as a Member of Parliament?

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