Under the Wire Interview Dr. Jane Ruby


Under the Wire Interview Dr. Jane Ruby

By Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. – AVN

Jane Ruby is a Washington, DC-based television personality, New Right political pundit, film producer, author of “A Sea of New Media” and has hosted several television shows such as Dr Jane’s DC and InsideLookTV Magazine.
A graduate of the University of Rochester, she holds two doctoral degrees in Education and Psychology, two Masters Degrees in Nursing and International Health Economics and is highly published in global health economics as well as contemporary media and social issues books and articles.

Here’s what others had to say:

Donna Marie
I’m so glad my hope is not in this world I trust on jesus and not afraid of covid vaccines or death ..but I’m deeply concerned for my kids grankids and so many innocent lives Praying for them…
There are some evil people in the world today but thier day of reckoning will come.

Juliet Toledo
At the beginning I don’t trust the vaccine that goes into my body, I have my natural immune system could fight the virus above all I only trust in God’s alone with my health, thanks Meryl and Dr Ruby Jane for sharing.

Jennifer Dickson
5 people in Sydney on ventilators. One is in their 20’s. This is why we have lock downs – to prevent the spread and to never overwhelm the hospital s with people requiring ventilation.

Jude Hannah
Since the jag has been administered to people in aged care there has been significant death, small country i town where before they were all healthy! Shame on our world for letting this happen! Thank god my parents are in heaven and I would have thrown my body on them and said over my dead body!!!

Mary Matthews
Thank you Merl for all your hard work and commitment in bringing this show to us. As the weeks go by I get more and more despondent and angry with our government. This morning I wake to the news(which I knew was coming) that my dear Nigerian student and her partner are being forced to take the jab. They are very afraid of this but what can they do? To keep their part time jobs and continue to study( they spend fortunes to do this) now they are faced with the prospect of never having a family in the future or even worse being in a position where financially their lives could be ruined. In the event they do get sick they have no way to help themselves while here as medical costs for them are already extreme. I am beside myself as this young woman is like a daughter to me now and I feel so much pain and anger that she has no choice.

Elizabeth Easterling
Thank you Jane, you are such a resource for humanity.

Tanja Bell
Hello Meryl, So Australia never signed up on the Nuremberg Trials? Can you confirm this? I always thought it was worldwide.

Donna Croisetiere
Who will stop the carnage happening everyday people can no longer get decent treatments for other disease either from fear of Covid what is going on that this madness can not stop.

Donna Marie
They keep changing the boundaries Around who can and can’t have it .. oh it’s so evil and crazy.

Robyn Lawson
I wonder why so many views and so few shares -why are so few brave enough put this on their page and share all the knowledge we aren’t being told!

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=484169306014603

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