We Did It Because We Want To Travel, We Want To Be Free, They Said


We Did It Because We Want To Travel, We Want To Be Free, They Said

By Australian National Review

We did it because we want to travel, we want to be free, they said

I just went skateboarding…

past the bars and restaurants of the new normal…

couples, tinder dates and families enjoy a meal, a drink and life’s pleasures…

the ambience of a dining experience, the laughter and banter in the local saloon.

They check in upon arrival.

It’s normal now.

It’s just what you do…

to stop the spread of course.

It’s the right thing to do for everyone’s safety. Yeah?

I can’t help but wonder how long they have got.

Did they get the saline?

Is it not really that bad?

Is the graphene dioxide and nano tech really just a baseless rumour, running wild on the chat groups of the confused, paranoid and desperately searching?

I can’t help but think…

is it like the last meal of the condemned…

but one that stretches over several months or a couple of years?

I don’t want to wake them up now.

I don’t want spoil what time they may have left.

I wish them well.

I only wish they’d listened.

I only wish we could have helped them see.

More than anything,

I wish we were wrong.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/lifestyle/we-did-it-because-we-want-to-travel-we-want-to-be-free-they-said/

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