What Is Going On in the World?


What Is Going On in the World?

By Penny Butler

Initial Goal
To help alleviate any anxiety or fear my friends and family have surrounding COVID-19 by understanding what COVID-19 is, what is different about these new Vaccines, Risks vs Benefits, Concerns, Alternatives, and what to do (and look out for) if you decide to get the jab or not. I am truly trying to understand and explain exactly what these vaccines do (understanding mRNA and how the new vaccines operate, etc.) so that my family & friends can also understand what they are (since they are not shared in much detail on the local news beyond cartoon animations and a “safe & effective advertising mantra” that started before they were even created), and most don’t have time to research all day and night like me).

Serious concerns
Unfortunately, after about a year of deep-diving into the research – even having to “learn” microbiology and do online university classes just to understand some of the mechanisms, thousands of hours and thousands of papers and thousands of really boring medical lectures, I have serious concerns. Mostly – and alarmingly, with “the science” the media were promoting vs “the facts”.

The first red flag was not being able to ‘share the facts’ anywhere. I spent all that time making sure I had it ‘right’ because people’s lives were at stake – my own loved ones who I was doing this for – their lives were at stake if I get it wrong. I first thought it was because they didn’t consider me an expert, but then I realized it wasn’t just me- it was ‘everyone’ who shared the facts – world experts of every industry – literally only one narrative was allowed and anything else “disappeared”. It really didn’t make any sense – because what they were allowing was ‘wrong’ and the information that would help people were being censored.

I have ‘flipped a switch’ from investigating mRNA, to figuring out why the media is literally promoting fear, division, hate, and the complete opposite of “wellness” in every possible way – why were they only promoting things that will make us sick and not sharing anything that would promote health? Now my research is focused on a new problem – questioning the narrative and investigating the lies, deceit, and corruption, and trying to figure out “what’s really going on”.

Humanity’s innocence and trust has been abused and stolen

An inverted world, two parallel realities running along-side each other – those who believe the media-version of reality (that trust they are giving us the truth and listening to ‘experts’), and those who have questioned the media’s version and found that the ‘so-called-experts’ they are taking advice from are not the ‘good guys’. If you don’t know that something else is going on by now, you just don’t ‘want to’ or you’re perfectly programmed by the very specific techniques used to manipulate us. I’m not saying I know everything that’s going on, but I do know the media is lying, and this is my ‘notepad’ to share what I’ve found so far while I try and figure it out.

Original Source: https://pennybutler.com/summary-covid-19/

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