Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!


Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!

By Awaken With JP

Here’s what others had to say:

George Doumanian
Let me guess… Learning how to swim is a conspiracy theory.

Beth Anderson
You forgot that even if you are wearing 2 life jackets and an inner tube, you may still need to pay for a test to prove you aren’t drowning.

Karen Rapoport
“Dr. Floatie” This skit was the literal definition of a perfect metaphor

Marty Mcfly 88MPH
This was genius. The writing, innuendos/hidden meaning behind each sentence. Super awesome stuff brother, so true!

We currently live in a time where AwakenWithJP videos are more truthful than the news

Kathryn Alder
Don’t forget the Big Lifejacket lobbyists and politicians that make billions from lifejacket racketeering. Glad to see you keep going with this allegory. It’s brilliant.

PaintedExpressionsSO Griffin
Nailed it. Again. What a sad world we live in when THIS is actual reality.

The best and realest parts is whenever he makes a logical counter-point, and the other just replies with an angry order. They KNOW they don’t have any logic!

Token Civilian
And unlike life jackets that actually keep a person from drowning, this life jacket actually may cause heart problems or drown the user.

woslo w
The four stages of watching JP’s videos during the pandemic.
1. Funny
2. Cathartic
3. Depressing
4. Inspiring

Violet Light
This is so true, funny, scary and disturbing all at once.

Tyler Mcflyer
The voice of the double life jacket cultist is actually pretty accurate. Lizards are exposing themselves one conflict at a time

Original Source: https://youtu.be/omrVpA14FpY

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