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Victoria is currently suffering through its fourth lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic, having struggled through nearly 200 days of school and business closures, curfews, mask mandates, restrictions on travel from home, and unimaginable damage to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Victorians.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that lockdowns are effective. The World Health Organisation’s guidelines do not include lockdowns as part of their pandemic framework. No official government pandemic plan, including our own in Australia, involved lockdowns as an effective means of slowing the spread of a virus during a pandemic.

If lockdowns worked the first time, why do we need to continually lockdown time and time again, and if they didn’t work the first time, then why are we repeating the same mistake over and over again?

Do you support lockdown measures that severely impact businesses, disrupt school, affect people’s livelihoods, and increase the risk of domestic violence, depression and suicide?

If you support such measures, do you have scientific evidence and cost-benefit analysis to prove that they are more beneficial than harmful?

It is implausible to continue such draconian lockdown measures indefinitely. What will you do to make sure that Australians can continue to work as usual, businesses can continue to operate without disruption, and children can attend school as normal without the fear of another lockdown?

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