Perth is among the best places on Earth

Perth is among the best places on Earth

By Callum Godde & staff writers

Perth has proven itself as one of the best places to live on Earth. Unsurprisingly.

Australia has again fared well in a list of the world’s most liveable cities, but the most populous State capitals of Melbourne and Sydney have plummeted down the rankings.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey for 2021 rated Auckland in New Zealand as the most liveable city in the world, ahead of Osaka in Japan.

Melbourne held the title for seven years and was in second place the last time the list was compiled in 2019.

The Victorian city has now dropped to eighth, behind both Adelaide (third) and Perth (sixth), after enduring the nation’s longest COVID-19 lockdown last year.

Brisbane has also entered the top 10.

“Six of the top ten cities in the March 2021 survey are in New Zealand or Australia, where tight border controls have allowed residents to live relatively normal lives,” the EIU said as the report was released on Wednesday.

Despite enjoying some of the most relaxed restrictions across the nation, Sydney dropped from third to 11th in a similar dive to Melbourne.

The global survey was postponed in 2020 as enforced lockdowns made it difficult for contributors and expert analysts to collect data for many cities.

Ten of the most liveable cities in the world

  1. Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Osaka, Japan
  3. Adelaide, Australia
  4. Wellington, New Zealand
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Perth, Australia
  7. Zurich, Switzerland
  8. Geneva, Switzerland
  9. Melbourne, Australia
  10. Brisbane, Australia

Ten of the least liveable cities in the world

  1. Caracas, Venezuela
  2. Douala, Cameroon
  3. Harare, Zimbabwe
  4. Karachi, Pakistan
  5. Tripoli, Libya
  6. Algiers, Algeria
  7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  8. Port Moresby, PNG
  9. Lagos, Nigeria
  10. Damascus, Syria

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