ABC’s Media Watch Attempts To Discredit Independent Journalists

ABC’s Media Watch Attempts To Discredit Independent Journalists

By real Rukshan


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They are scum mate and anyone with a few brain cells knows they only spread lies to generate views and manipulate population! In 2019 I would say the majority of people would of said this, sadly , sprinkle in some fear and all of a sudden so many think they start talking truth ?

If they weren’t afraid of you, they wouldn’t attack you. Thank you for all you do; without you and Avi and a couple of others, Australia and the world wouldn’t know the truth. ❤️

They sound jealous ?


MSM is anything but “balanced” in providing “context.” They are most definitely threatened by the work of Independent journalists such as yourself, Avi & others. You guys keep doing what you’re doing as many more continue waking and realising MSM is nothing but propoganda.

They hate seeing your truth because it shines a light on their darkness! You are on the right path and leading it! ????

Mainstream media is the real virus.

Lost all respect for abc. Will never bother listening to them again

You are so on the right track and we thank you for staying on it ????

Hahahaha they will say anything to protect their narrative. In about 15 years when the boomer generation have left us, no one will be watching main stream media any more

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