Alan Jones: ‘Gladys Berejiklian Has Lost the Right To Govern and To Be Believed’

Alan Jones: ‘Gladys Berejiklian Has Lost the Right To Govern and To Be Believed’

By Sky News Australia

Sky News host Alan Jones says “Gladys Berejiklian has lost the right to govern and to be believed” after she announced the current lockdown across Greater Sydney would be extended for another week. “Her performance today was nothing short of a disgrace.

It was gutless stuff – leaking it to the media first, of course, not this outlet, but her sympathetic left-wing media mates and then thanking everyone for calling in Crimestoppers and dobbing everyone in,” he said.

“Your country and mine, Australia, has 474 cases as I speak to you tonight. 0.018 per cent of the population – hardly a pandemic. 99 per cent are mild against all the alarmist announcements. But none of them ever tell us that.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Adam Redsoil
This is how they turning in Australian people against each other. Evil

the realist African
Get this guy to be a prime minister Australians ASAP

Lynette Sunderland
Keep up the good work Alan. These Premiers and Scom need to go. Stop Communism.

andrew mc
This country is a joke under these authoritarian governments who terrified of losing there gold bowl positions. They can’t be seen making a any positive/brave decisions incase its not a vote winner.

Teresa Fino
Well said Alan! This dystopia they’ve created is diabolical and unacceptable.

The premiers are not leaders. They are installed by people we don’t know that are actually calling the shots

Marlene Alexamder
Funny we haven’t heard of any police getting the covid

AxEy A
Step aside Delta strain, here comes the Lambda strain, more deadly and more infectious.

andrew mc
Gladys will pay at the next election – closing schools is a no no and playing with small business is a crime.


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