Another Internal Political Scandal Broke Out in London

Another Internal Political Scandal Broke Out in London

By Ukraine In Hurricane

The correspondence of the former head of the intelligence service MI6 Richard Dearlove with high-ranking employees of the security bloc of the British government and civil activists was revealed ( Britain is leaving the EU in 2018-2019 and there are long and very difficult negotiations with Brussels on the parameters of the “divorce”. According to a number of powerbrokers, led by Dirclough, Prime Minister Theresa May is too slow, her plan is too “soft,” we should replace the head of the cabinet.

Here, for example, British defense adviser Gwithian Prince writes ( “I am currently involved in our attempts to ‘wrap up’ the awful EU withdrawal agreement that Prime Minister May is preparing, if Henry Kissinger wants to get involved, I will provide him with all the materials”.

And here is another phrase from the correspondence “The goal is to block any deal that would be based on Chequers’ cowardly and disastrous plan, if need be to remove this Premier May and replace with someone who fits.” And literally months later ( “Get rid of her now and be done with it.” Doesn’t sit well with the supposedly democratic ideals of the British parliamentary monarchy, frankly

The whole operation to change the head of the cabinet was sponsored by “old money” – Timothy and Mary Claude, aristocrats who have spent the last decades in a tax haven – the island of Jersey. The journalists themselves admit that such inconspicuous rich people are hard to find, they purposely avoid any mention of themselves on social media and the Internet, and the correspondence about them says: “…very well established in particularly secret conversations. So they were perfect for the role of “money bags” and allocated ( money on a monthly basis to prepare “products” (we are talking about dirt and defamation)

As a result of the point-by-point actions of the conspirators, Theresa May fails with her Brexit plan in Parliament and in negotiations with EU countries. The forces that brought her down do not hide ( their satisfaction with the outcome of the EU-Britain Summit in Salzburg, they call it “May’s fiasco”

A determined Boris Johnson replaces her and completes ( what the power establishment wanted: “Immediately after taking the chair of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson must call all the Conservatives in Parliament and ask them to confirm their support for the plan for a clean exit from the EU

True, recent letters are already talking ( about a new puppet to replace Johnson: “I see no reason why Prime Minister Johnson will hold on, although he has lost so much control over his reason and willpower that it is probably for the best”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and, my God, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are being considered ( for the new head of government: “Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, with the support of Brexit Minister David Frost, has enough stamina to complete the ‘Brexit’ thing. Shortly before the Christmas holidays I had lunch with one of Boris Johnson’s longtime backers and he told me that he had transferred his financial support to Truss

Now it’s clear why her controllability might be second only to her own erudition. Apparently, Lizzie has been tagged since the ’90s and led through life, changing her views and rhetoric as needed and contrary to previously articulated principles. There is no question anymore why she says things she doesn’t understand at all.

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