Australian Government – What They Did & How We Got to Where We Are

Australian Government – What They Did & How We Got to Where We Are

By Spirit2all

Treason in Plain Sight – by our own Government, added to by Treachery by all Legal Practitioners.

Here’s what others had to say:

I’ve heard that they will attempt to publicly move Australia into being a republic within the time of this Covid agenda. My fear is that they will use controlled opposition like the Australia one party (or whatever they’re called) or others to act opposed to all the tyranny in Australia that’s going on so the people run to them in a hope for change and thus by the agreement of the Australian people , a republic will be voted in as it was what the saviour controlled opposition was proposing thus now finally enforcing the republic of the UN and its all over after that as all laws and oathes are officially and protected to the UN.
People wouldn’t be smart enough to suspect this and just want an easy out of the hell they are going through.

Very easy they copied what the USA, UK, France, Canada etc did in there last winters.
If you just think back about 8 months and you will remember them..
Closing off borders
Vaxxing kids with no concent
Deployed their Militaries
Mandating vaxx for some workers
Drones and choppers in their skies
Police beating and gassing people
Forced people into quarantine
Had man hunts for “rule breakers”
and it goes on and on.. WAKE UP and realise WE ARE NOT in front they ALL are.
Everything that has happened to this point has ALWAYS started over seas and BEFORE us because we are ALWAYS in our SUMMER when they shift up gears.. just think..

Im from America & its amazing watching whats happening in Australia. Its like watching a movie, its unbelievable. Im from a State here in the USA that never had any mandatory lockdowns, thats right, NEVER. We had a slow down during the first 30 days but never any mandatory lockdowns or mandatory anything. Sure we had some businesses ask people to wear mask while on there property but thats it. I dont even know of 1 single business here in my State that forcing vaccination.
America is very unique because we are like a group of different nations. Each State has its own Constitution, its on Laws, own Taxes, own Government. The Federal Government is its own Entity here & can not mandate the States to do anything. They can give recommendation’s & they can come arrest you if you have federal charges but they don’t have the kind of power im seeing orchestrated in Australia. Now im not stupid & realize we have a ton of corruption but the more I see what’s happening in Australia & the UK the more im appreciating America.
I am disappointed that Americas Federal Government has not called out the craziness of Australia’s Government but im not really surprised because our Federal Government would love to be able to do the same thing. The thing is not many people here know about what’s happening in Australia because we have a corrupt media. Yes there’s been a few headlines on a couple shows but 99.999% of our Media probably looks at Australia in Envy just dreaming about having that kind of power.
If I was in charge here id call for Australia’s Government to end this madness or go full out invasion. I’m really just learning about a lot of this stuff. Id seen a few things but didn’t realize it was this crazy. You’ll hang in there & if possible TRY TO GET THIS TO SOMEONE IN AMERICA MEDIA. If the public here knew what was happening they’d be outraged. Its amazing how these governments can control the flow of information.

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