Avi Yemini Sets the Record Straight at the Australian Open


By Rebel News


If you believe what the mainstream media are reporting, Australian’s are overwhelmingly in favour of the decision to kick Novak Djokovic out of the country.

Here’s what others had to say:

Deported for thoughtcrimes.
Orwell was a prophet.

Don’t worry, 4 players in the Australian open have had health problems so far. Novak Djokovic might win by default, simply for being the healthiest.

This interview once again conforms, many Australians are void of any form of critical thinking, and the world governments are running scared; your not alone Australia sad to say.

The Average Australian is just totally brainless. Totally absorbed by mass formation psychosis.

You make an interesting point. If the average Aussie is brainless then that means their “police” force is an entire league of their own. Stupid vs. Stupid 2.0

Scary to see so many young people going along with state totalitarianism. The Millennial Generation are the most ignorant, stupid generation we’ve ever had and are the ones who are going to finally give away all our freedoms.

Wow!! Excellent reporting again from Avi Yemini!! Thank you! It’s insane how severely brainwashed people have become! The media and governments are out of control with their propaganda and must be held to account!

To think that you have to go out and explain the real reason Novak got kick out of Australia, is so embarrassing to be an Australian.
They can’t educate themselves, fools to the fake msm.

A few hours ago I had an online chat with a friend in Europe and as a complete joke I told her that the reason Novak was deported from Australia was that he said he has British ancestry linked to Royalty and he has a claim to the Throne of Australia and he has the legal right to be King. The Australian govt was terrified of losing power so they deported him. Her mouth dropped to the floor and she shouted;
“NO WAY. That’s insane. I didn’t know that.”
In other words, she believed me without any question as to what the facts were simply because I kept a straight face with her.
Next time I’ll tell her that Arnold Schwarzenegger is my Uncle and see how far I can get away with it.

Another dead country down the rabbit hole, utterly stupid sheepish folk.

Original Source: https://rumble.com/vsstg8-avi-yemini-sets-the-record-straight-at-the-australian-open.html

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