Avi Yemini Wins First Hearing To Gain Access to Daniel Andrews’ Press Conferences


Avi Yemini Wins First Hearing To Gain Access to Daniel Andrews’ Press Conferences

By Avi Yemini

BREAKING: I just WON my first hearing to gain access to premier Daniel Andrews’ press conferences.

Victorian Supreme Court moves matter to be expedited.

My legal team DESTROYED the state.

Here’s what others had to say:

Rather watch the grass grow than listen to him talk anyway. As long as “ your right to go”….

Also what a compliment to you, that Dan Andrew’s doesn’t want you at his press conferences. Keep up the great work!

The fact that you guys even had to put up this fight just highlights how corrupt these muppets are!! Well done.

It’s one thing to win, it’s another to get a question answered…. Keep fighting the good fight.

You are the fucking best ! Keep going ! Keep going ! Love from the U.K.

Dictator Dan about to get rekt.

Well done mate, you’re a true freedom fighter. I would love to see you grill that slippery reptile. I’m so proud of all us Aussies who stood up for their individual liberties and freedoms . No matter the race , the religion the background we are all United as one as Australians and our spirit will never die.

Whenever I think we are at a low, something like this happens & faith is restored. Well done

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