Based on All the Media NLP Programming

Based on All the Media NLP Programming

By Craig D Schulze

Based on all the media NLP programming.

They are talking about Poke not being effective and boosters required.

The “experts” have said at 80% you will still be locked down, masked up or 2000 will die each year. Love to see that model consider 950 in 20 months without a vaccine.

The NSW premier said at 80% lockdowns etc still required.

Hunt has already ordered your boosters.

There are government websites saying you are not considered fully poked after a certain period of time. Meaning you will be on an auto-ship program for life.

Countries around the world have already proven this.

This is not my opinion I am just sharing what has already been saying and is listed on gov sites.

Now the media are trying to pre-mind control program you to accept this is normal.

If you ask simple informed consent questions and get the answers to that it would be mind-boggling if you still proceeded.

Here’s what others had to say:

Anna Krajacic
I’ve given up. If they line up… oh well!

Michelle McRae
Yes… AUTOSHIP on your tax account! ooopppsss let me add the autoship to the side effect med.

Lee-Anne Thompson
Clinton Cooke

This is how covid data should be reported!
May be an image of text
Fernando Mendonça

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