Biden Mandates Vaxxines, What You Can Do To Secede From This System

Biden Mandates Vaxxines, What You Can Do To Secede From This System

By USA Tomorrow

Here’s what others had to say:

Wendye Girard
What we need, is someone to protect us from YOU!

Chelsea Fisher
Is that the 80 million that “voted” for him. ?

Cristie Sabatini Ricciotti
I agree with this as a strategy going forward; but how long before they find ways to tax out or fine entrepreneurs? If control is the end game (and it is) how long can self-reliance be sustained under this type of rule?? Is silver and gold the only way? I’m not sure i even trust Bitcoin.

Kristi Christensen
Financially independent or not, what Biden is doing is in fact terrifying. I absolutely do care. This should not even be happening. People have the right to choose their own health care.

Linda Osborn
Employees need to go on strike big time and we should all STOP buying or using said businesses if possible. Picket in front of these businesses too. We the people have the power to do this! If we unite we can bring them to their knees. The companies will agree to just pay the stupid fines just to be able to operate. It will be a temporary inconvenience but nip this in the bud NOW!

Carol Knipe
His job is to protect all Americans, does that include the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. All I saw was him turn his back.

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