Brad Hazzard Throws Temper Tantrum for Six Minutes Straight

Brad Hazzard Throws Temper Tantrum for Six Minutes Straight

By Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

James Fry
What a vile, belligerent and despicable display. An utterly grotesque individual.

robyn hills
Hazzard is appalling…why is he a minister? As someone who contributes to his 6 figure wage…can we please have him sacked!? He’s a bully….

Toni Eleninovski
They should just turn his microphone off, and interview them in separate rooms

Peter Wilken
Imagine what he must be hiding to act like that

Siobhán Rose
He literally is doing this so that he doesn’t have to answer any questions. He knows it’s dangerous to let them ask questions, so he bullies and shuts everyone out until he can make an excuse to hang up on them. Chant sits there like a defeated abused wife.

Maree Warton
Wow she just sits there like a dummy!! He speaks on her behalf because she can’t speak and he’s defensive. He acts like someone with something to hide.

Natalie Farmer
What a loser. Get rid of him. He’s a health Hazzard

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